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Quality control based on digital image processing

PLC Control for injection molding machine

Pressure measurement for tunnel shuttering
530.018 - Mechatronic Design Project
Groups of students work on a small design project, from the concept to the prototyping. Bringing own ideas for the project is encouraged. Equipment and lab may be used as far as possible, companies are invited for sponsoring. Weekly meetings take place to get advice and support.

The projects are realized under the use of microprocessor-boards (BeagleBoard, Arduino, Raspberry PI, etc...) and development tools for Control Systems, Image Processing and Mathematics.

Mechatronic Mechatronic Mechatronic Mechatronic
Mechatronic Design in progress...

530.006 / 530.015 - Übungen zu Automatisierungstechnik / Automation Technology
Conceptiual design and programming of Combinatorial Logic Tasks, Finite States Machines and Simulink Methods for Fuzzy Logic Design. First part is focused on PC-Simulation of a PLC and the use of Visualisation tools for the evaluation of the functionality of the programs. This should give a first introduction into different programming languages like ladder diagramm and IEC-1131 based languages such as structured text.

Further the use of real PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) in combination with FESTO Didactic Stations will show the interaction between programs, sensors and actuators.

In the third part Fuzzy Logic Systems are teached and evaluated using simulink models.

PLC-Controller PLC-Controller Festo Didactic Station Festo Didactic Station
Excercises Automation Technology...

530.059 - Übungen zu Prozessleitsysteme / Process Control Systems
Plant automation not only requires local control units but also a superior Process Control System such as SIEMENS PCS or B&R APROL. These systems handle the control, visualisation and operator interface for the whole plant. This exercise displays the features of such systems like Engeneering and Runtime Environment and the capabilities of Data Logging, Alarm Management, Trend and History Monitoring.

A small tank model is used to simulate a part of a plant and its connection to a PLC which is administered by a B&R APORL System.

APROL - System APROL - System APROL - System
Excercises Process Control Systems...

530.024 - Maschinen Automation
This lecture shows the whole process of collecting relevant data, analysing the data and using the data set for continuative tasks. Actually an object surface is scanned using a linear drive in combination with laser, camera and the methods of digital image processing. The aquired data set is used for mathematical 3D surface modelling to rebuild the objects 3d profile.

An interface is defined to send the profile data to an industrial robot, which will rebuild the surface out of wood or styrofoam using a milling head. This will give an understanding of the necessary steps for rapid prototyping.

Maschinenautomation Maschinenautomation Maschinenautomation
Machine Automation...

530.020 - Autonomous Mobile Robot Seminar
In this seminar a robot controlled by a PLC shall run autonomous to fullfill a required task. The seminar is hold as blocked
course (2 weeks). 5 groups of students will work on 5 PLC controlled tracked vehicles. Several types of sensors (Light Sensors, Ultrasonic Senors, Gyroscope and Digital Compass) are used.

The course is completed with a competition on the last 2 Days.

Impressions of the seminar
Impressions of the seminar...

Robot Seminar 2013...