Quality control based on digital image processing

PLC Control for injection molding machine

Pressure measurement for tunnel shuttering
The Chair of Automation was officially founded on 1st of October 1995 by o.Univ. Prof. Paul O'Leary. The main goals of Automation in general are the improvement of working conditions, continuous quality control and the acceleration of industrial processes. The main research tasks are digital image processing and the development of mathematical methods, automation and hardware in the loop simulation of heavy machines and the development of infrared techniques for the detection of defects in work pieces with the special focus on "Magneto-Thermal-Inspection" of conductive materials

Lectures at the Chair of Automation provide knowledge in the fields of numerical and algebraical mathematics,
mechatronics and digital control of dynamic systems in combination with automation technology and industrial robotics and kinematics

In practical exercises this knowledge is deepened and the interaction of control techniques with sensors and actuators can be experienced and evaluated.

Integrated courses like Autonomous Mobile Robot Seminar or the Mechatronic Design Project offer students the opportunity to create and implement their own technical ideas into industrial PLC's and Microprocessor Systems.

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