Profile measurement based ondigital image processing


Profile reproduction

Hardware in the Loop Simulation
The main research at the Chair of Automation is as follows:

Mathematical methods for digital image processing and their application in industrial inspection

Numerical and algebraical solutions and methods for industrial safety and quality control. Combination of Image Acquisition, mathematical evaluation and the feedback to machine control systems will lead to improvements of industrial processes such as component inspection or mining applications

Automation of heavy machinery and plant with special focus on "Hardware in the Loop simulation"
Standard industrial Programmable Logic Controllers are used in combination with sensors and actuators.
Implementation of Humam Machine Interfaces is done to achieve improved useability and to allow online parametrization on the control programms. Network techniques such as TCP/IP, UDP or FTP are used to provide access and communication to standard
PC - Applications. To reduce dead time in case of hardware faults, Hardware in the Loop Simulation is used to reproduce the machine behaviour. Also the developing time can be minimized since code testing and error handling can be done without beeing connected to the "real machine

Development of infared techniques for the detection of defects in work pieces with the special focus on
"Magneto-Thermal-Inspection" of conductive materials

Non destructive testing based on Thermo-Sensitive Camera Systems offers a big effort in the reduction of costs and time for quality control and improvement. In combination with PLC-controlled Generators the heating behaviour of materials is used for e.g. crack detection of parts.

Overview of the research activities Poster collection from the "WerWasWos" - Presentation at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben (pdf-Documents)

- Spectral Analysis
- Opto-Electronic Perpendicular

- Development of a Measurement System
- Embedded System
- Pressure Measurement in a tunnel shuttering

- Thermographic inspection of CFRP
- Thermographic inspection of bounded plates
- Thermographic inspection of castings
- Thermoinductive Inspection